Changing business models, the emergence of the gig economy, technological advancements, and rising employee expectations are all factors that have posed a challenge to traditional work models. The year 2022 put Indian organisations to the test in terms of their ability to manage the phase of the great resignation or reshuffle. Following this stage, organisations in a variety of industries experienced significant talent migration, which brought both challenges and opportunities. Most industries, including IT and ITES, BFSI, and Manufacturing, face difficulties in finding and retaining qualified employees. This, combined with the rapid rate at which technology is evolving today, shifts the focus to training and development, which will be critical in closing the existing skills gap. As we enter the new world of work, cultivating a people-first culture can result in significant long-term benefits for businesses. It is critical for the organisation to be able to create a strong collaborative culture that meets the needs of the workforce for them to be seen as human beings rather than cogs in the machine. Employees in a variety of industries have also begun to rethink their expectations from their employers. Employee well-being, employee experience, diversity, equity, and inclusion have all taken centre stage in recent years. Not only is there a greater demand for flexibility and autonomy, but employees also want a greater sense of purpose in their role. As it was famously quoted by Sir Richard Branson“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to” This has never been truer than it is today.

Why this initiative?

While the HR landscape in India continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, HR Leaders are now at the epicentre of these changes. As per a recent Gartner research, employee experience, recruitment strategies, change management, future of work and leader – manager effectiveness are top HR priorities. The HR Leaders are also exploring ways to use technology, automation, analytics, data driven insights to improve the employee experience, identify trends in attrition and gain valuable insights into employee performance.

The inaugural edition of Team Marksmen’s HR Leadership Conclave is a forum that we will bring together senior leaders to explore some of the key HR trends in India that are shaping the future of work. Taking place on the June 2023 in Mumbai, this conclave will equip the attendees with best practices, key business use cases and comprehensive overview of the most effective HR strategies in the Indian context.

Discussion Points

  • Exploring Next-gen HR Technologies
  • Enhancing Employee Experience through analytics
  • Approaches to managing demands of the changing workforce
  • Identifying and developing high-potential talent
  • Strategies to ensure employee-wellbeing
  • Navigating through challenges regarding attrition, talent shortage and retention
  • Best practices around change management
  • Creating an employee – centric culture with focus on DEI initiatives

Who Should Attend?

CEOs / Founders

Chief Human Resource Officers

Chief People Officers

Chief Learning Officers

Presidents / Senior Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents / Directors

Heads of Human Resources, Learning
and Development, Recruitment


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