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About Marksmen Daily

On the mark, everyday, with stories that engage, inspire, and captivate the imagination.

Marksmen Daily’s eclectic, avant garde mix of business and technology happenings, entrepreneurial initiatives, creative exchanges, lifestyle concepts and leadership insights make it a one-stop destination that offers near peerless food for thought. We touch upon a range of topics that affect the Indian diaspora, such as the country’s business heavyweights, happenings across start-ups, automobiles, gadgets and much more.

Stay tuned as we deliver cutting-edge insights daily, always on the mark.

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Your Success, Our Strategy

About Marksmen Media

Digital storytelling is the modern-day take on the age-old art, designed to be highly alluring and emotionally engaging. Through stories, we connect, engage, and are moved to action, through emotion.

At Marksmen Media, we understand the effectiveness of a compelling narrative. And when combined with strategic knowledge and the plethora of tools at our disposal, we can help you accomplish your objectives through creative content and integrated digital strategies that help you evoke a contagious sense of interest.

So come. Let us tell your tale to the whole, wide world. Because great stories need a wide audience.

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Spotlighting Stories that Matter

About In Focus

Everyone gets into the ‘what’. At in Focus, we aim to go further, and deliver the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ of it all.

As a business, leadership, and lifestyle print magazine, in Focus aims to deliver insights and ideas that shape the world view of curious minds across business and society.

Through thought-provoking and eye-catching stories, in Focus exists at the intersection of the latest happenings from diverse walks of industry and society. We cover a gamut of topics from across India and the world that we hope and believe will delight, engage, and inform readers.

So join us on our journey as we seek to question the world as we know it, and hopefully see it in a new light.

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