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As business reopen and restrictions get lifted, we are starting to see the next normal of the business-scape spread out before us. It is one we have all played our part in curating, but one thing remains unchanged, as ever. Brands. They form the bedrock of this superstructure we find ourselves on, and the events of the past year or two have only served to underscore the critical nature of the trust we reposed in our brands of choice. With them at our side, we could navigate a course through a historic, once-in-a-generation disruption that upended all our lives. It is a sub-conscious coupling, but all too often we as consumers and businesses form a symbiotic, often unbreakable bond with a few select brands that resonate deeply with us. In the melee of tumultuous times, brands were the beacons of better times gone by, time capsules transporting us to simpler times. These brands have become deeply interwoven into the organizational and social fabric of our lives. And just as we all have, they too have expanded their offerings, and areas of expertise to stay abreast of the needs of dynamic consumer demands, in an effort to stay at the summit of ultimate consumer and organisational preference.


As we transition into the next normal, progressive brands realise that they cannot rest on past laurels, and must not only evaluate how demand could evolve, but also look inward and build greater resilience into their operations. This would help them be flexible and agile in keeping with the needs of our world. Neither businesses nor society can guard itself on all fronts and prepare for the unknown without the right brands to support all they envision. In this challenging milieu, a few brands have picked up the gauntlet, and delivered world-class experiences in keeping with the demand of the times. We laud the efforts of these transformation agents through an exclusive platform, Most Preferred Brands 2021. This day-long celebration will put the brands we know and love on centre stage for the manner in which they helped alleviate crucial challenges for consumers en masse, and for organisations across industries. This platform celebrates these motley brands that breathed life into the vision of a post-pandemic world, and smoothened the road to a new tomorrow. Their indomitable spirit and innovative thinking have helped them scale-up even in this most challenging of scenarios and capture value where few saw it to exist. This capability to transform and evolve is a key differentiator that defines their success, and is the springboard on which their high-trajectory growth has been modelled. As the ecosystem grows ever more and brands increasingly vie for our attention, incumbent and new brands have the opportunity to create forward-looking and innovative models that can better serve emerging needs. The Most Preferred Brands 2021 epitomise this can-do, innovative spirit that has powered many a growth paradigm, in the process helping create India anew as it stands at a crucial inflection point.


This one-of-a-kind initiative draws insights from a study conducted by our partner, Allegiant Market Research, with brands appraised on the following parameters
  • Transformation Track Record
  • Trust Quotient
  • Examples of Scalable Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Flexibility of Operating Structures
  • Business Resilience


18:00 – 18:30 Registrations and Networking
18:30 – 18:35 Welcome Address by Team Marksmen
18:35 – 18:50 Keynote Address: How brands in India are Reimagining Customer Experience
Companies are seeking ways to get back to growth in this post-pandemic world. The new age buyer is more in control of their sales journey than ever before. Because of the move to digital and growing social media landscape, buyers are savvier about where they get their information and more likely to trust word-of-mouth or influencers. This session will highlight the ways top brands are staying ahead of the curve via customer experience and engagement.
18:50 – 19:05 Keynote address: The future of brand marketing – imperatives of driving creativity, storytelling, and emotional connections in building a world class brand
In today’s fast-paced, overly-automated, and digitally-driven society, humanity is becoming the new premium. The internet constantly rewards us with convenience and instant gratification, making the human touch increasingly more scarce and coveted. In this environment, businesses can no longer afford to be faceless entities. To survive, businesses need to connect with audiences, pull at their heartstrings, and engage with them on a much deeper level than seen before. That’s where brand storytelling and creativity become priority for brands to establish emotional connect with its target audience and drive ROI. This session will take a closer look at how brands are aligning themselves with the physical and digital world to create a unique brand universe to cater and retain their customers on a longer run.
19:05 – 19:15 Tea Break and Networking
19:15 – 19:55 Panel Discussion: A journey through the heartland of India – How brands are expanding their reach to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India without compromising on quality, value proposition and experience.
In recent years, increased income and accelerated development of mobile Internet made a huge difference to the lives in lower tier cities and rural places. Top brands are now venturing beyond the tier 1 cities to tap the enormous opportunities which the tier 2 and tier 3 cities has to offer. Offering desired products at an affordable price based on the needs of customers is the one and only way to enter into these emerging markets. Such customers are considered “The Next Billion” revenue stream. With it’s a vast customer base, four times the size in T1 cities and the uncharted markets of smaller cities are offering immense potential. This session will examine the ways brands are charting these territories with competitive value proposition to acquire a customer base which was untouched few years ago.
19:55 – 20:10 Special Address: Simplicity Amid Complexity: Bringing a heartfelt smile to consumers
Businesses and social responsibility goes hand in hand. This sounds simple but building a brand responsibly is a task which is missed by many. The recent complex global scenario has taken humility to a different level where brands are more responsible in promoting positivity and social responsibility. The brands that unlock the power of value-based strategy have largely affected consumers whose personal values are reflected in their purchase choices. This session will unveil the factors that drives a brand to align itself to its consumers responsibly and offer value proposition that’s drives acceptance and social satisfaction.
20:10 – 20:30 Special Address by the “Guest of Honor”
20:30 – 19:40 Felicitation Ceremony of Most Preferred Brands of India 2021
19:40 – 19:45 Closing Remarks by Team Marksmen followed by Dinner
This initiative has been brought to you by Team Marksmen. We help organisations and leaders from across sectors create impactful change that matters through unique brand solutions that resonate with audiences.
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